- Journal of Immunology and Clinical Microbiology (JICM) is a peer reviewed international journal that publishes original reports and analyses in both written and visual forms.  
 - JICM is aimed to serve as scientific journal related to in all areas of immunology, microbiology, rheumatology and; pathogenesis, diagnosis, cure of infectious diseases and general medicine.
- We accept different types of articles* and reports; We also publish scientific videos (video articles) related fields with JICM.
- The JICM is publishing refereed, original papers in a broad range and, it is planned to be particularly valuable for researchers in immunology, medical microbiology and general medicine.

The Journal of Immunology and Clinical Microbiology covers**:
Immunology & Clinical Microbiology & General Medicine
Adaptive immune system
Antimicrobials and resistance
Antigen-antibody interactions
Auto immunity 
Applied microbiology and biotechnology
Bacterial pathogens and infections
Cancer immunology
Clinical immunology
Diagnosis of infectious pathogens (molecular and conventional)
Fungal (mold & yeast) pathogens and infections
Immune chemistry
Immune system
Immunotherapy and vaccines
Infection Surveillance
Infections by Organ System
Innate immunity and interactions
New diagnostic methods in microbiology
Pathology (infection, immune system)
Pathophysiology (infection, immune system)
Parasitic pathogens (Protozoa, Helminths, and Arthropod Vectors)
Pediatric Infections
Treatment of infectious diseases
Transplantation immunology
Viral pathogens and infections
Other immune system disorders
Other pathogens and infections

* The article types to be considered are as follows; original article (research article), review, short/mini review, case series, technical note, letter to editor / short communication, editorial, hypothesis, highlights and focus (five things to know about), field report/national and international reports, video article and science education. In addition, the JICM publishes peer-reviewed scientific "video articles". For more detail read: "Guide for Authors" page.
 ** Publishes academic studies in both written and visual forms (video articles).

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